Heal Within

Season 14 - Episode 29: Calling your power back now

February 02, 2024 Evette Rose Season 14 Episode 29
Heal Within
Season 14 - Episode 29: Calling your power back now
Show Notes

Ever found yourself at a crossroads, feeling the weight of your emotions tethering you to the past? My latest work, "Transform Every Day," is the compass you need, pointing toward the path of self-reflection and personal responsibility. This episode is no ordinary discussion; it's an intimate voyage through the pages of my book, filled with humor and personal anecdotes. We'll dissect powerful quotes, explore the lingering questions they ignite, and tackle the barriers to personal growth head-on. Whether for you or a loved one weathering a storm, today's dialogue might just be the beacon you've been searching for.

As we navigate the intricacies of owning our feelings, we'll uncover the liberating truth that control and freedom are within our reach, regardless of life's curveballs. The concept of responsibility takes center stage, as we unravel the delicate balance between what's ours to bear and what we must allow others to shoulder. With insights pulled from my comprehensive works on Metaphysical Analysis, we delve into the connection between emotional well-being and physical health, especially in children, and the healing clarity that can be found by revisiting our childhood experiences. Come along as we empower each other to shape our narratives, one thought and one feeling at a time, and transform every day into an opportunity for growth.

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