Heal Within

Season 14 - Episode 27: Children's Psychosomatics Constipation

January 28, 2024 Evette Rose Season 14 Episode 27
Heal Within
Season 14 - Episode 27: Children's Psychosomatics Constipation
Show Notes

Unravel the mysteries of your child's health with us as we examine the intricate dance between emotional well-being and physical symptoms, with a special emphasis on constipation as a psychosomatic condition. You'll gain profound insights into how internal conflicts and unresolved family issues may be silently shaping your child's experiences, both mentally and physically. Today's conversation draws upon the rich content found in the comprehensive guide, 'Psychosomatics of Children', to deepen our understanding of these often-misunderstood connections.

Our guest expert navigates us through the complexities of ancestral trauma, the nuances of family dynamics, and the silent echoes of past events on a child's sense of identity and belonging. We also explore how external factors such as school environments and interactions with authority figures can significantly impact a young one's life, potentially triggering a physical response to emotional distress. Join us for this transformative dialogue that promises to shift your perspective on children's health and equip you with the knowledge to support their journey towards healing and growth.

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