Heal Within

Season 14 - Episode 23: Psychosomatics of Fibromyalgia

January 20, 2024 Evette Rose Season 14 Episode 23
Heal Within
Season 14 - Episode 23: Psychosomatics of Fibromyalgia
Show Notes

Discover the hidden truths your body is whispering to you, as I, Yvette Rose, unravel the intricate web of emotional scars that manifest as physical ailments. Join me in a deep exploration of fibromyalgia's psychosomatic roots, where repressed anger and generational trauma conspire to imprison your wellbeing in a cycle of chronic pain. In this eye-opening conversation, I delve into the emotions lurking beneath your skin, and how they echo through your ancestral lineage, shaping your health in ways you never imagined.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with my insights drawn from a career's worth of research, including my extensive authorship on metaphysical anatomy and psychosomatic patterns. Learn how to decode your body's cryptic signals and liberate yourself from the burden of unspoken emotional distress. By integrating mind, body, and the shadows of our forebears, we'll chart a course towards healing and resilience. So, lean in and prepare to transform the way you perceive and address the aches that ail you, as we navigate this enthralling nexus of the human experience.

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