Heal Within

Season 14 - Episode 18: How to overcome your Past and Crystal Bowl Healing Meditation

January 11, 2024 Evette Rose Season 14 Episode 18
Heal Within
Season 14 - Episode 18: How to overcome your Past and Crystal Bowl Healing Meditation
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Navigating the intricate maze of our emotions and their impact on our physical health can be a daunting task, but it's a journey I have traversed, and I invite you to explore these depths with me, Yvette Rose, in a heartfelt discussion drawn from my life's narrative and insights from "Metacritical Anatomy." We're peeling back the layers of our emotional traumas, examining the profound connections they have with medical conditions, and discerning the whispers of our ancestry hidden within our DNA. My personal voyage through the shadow of a father plagued by sociopathy and addiction serves as a backdrop to understanding how our childhood experiences carve out patterns of self-sabotage and fear that may haunt us into adulthood.

As we wade through the murky waters of anger, resentment, and the dread of the unknown, I offer solace in the transformative power of self-awareness. It's a powerful ally in the battle against the emotional chains that bind us, guiding us towards healing and an existence brimming with possibilities. You'll discover the art of letting go, embracing the potential within, and the significance of structure and consistency in creating a sanctuary of safety that wards off the insidious embedding of stress. Join us as we lay out a roadmap to reclaim personal power, shift perspectives for inner peace, and walk the path of authenticity.

Culminating in a series of practical exercises, this episode is a balm for the weary soul, offering techniques to reset the nervous system and coax your mind into a state of calm through alpha-gray wave meditation. As we visualize shedding our outdated identities and affirm our innate ability for growth and change, you'll find reassurance and strategies to break free from the echoes of the past. Tune in for an empowering guide to healing, a call to balance, and an invitation to step boldly into a life defined not by the echoes of yesteryear but by the essence of your true self.

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Healing and Shifting Trauma Mindset
Letting Go of Past Injustices
Understanding Anger, Structure, and Healing
Coping Mechanisms and Consistency in Healing
Healing From the Past
Healing and Reassurance for Positive Reality
Overcoming Stress and Finding Inner Peace
Exploring False Identities and Embracing Change
Nervous System Reset Through Alpha-Gray Wave